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Monday, April 12, 2010

04/12/10 Green Mountain Goes to Greenwich

NYPost – Which married broadcaster had better be careful? Word is getting out about his recent night at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich with a woman who drives a black car with Vermont plates and college decals on the rear window.

Vtonic wonders...

Letterman? He lives in CT.

Catiebug says ....

I would really like this to be Brian Williams (who also lives in CT), mostly because I can’t stand his smarmy, stuck-up, condescending a**

lola says ...

its tiki barber!!!!!!

duckduckgoose says ....

Frank Gifford? Lives in Greenwich. Or Don Imus, though the woman would have to be desperate.

ladymarmalade says ...

This is oddly specific. I’m going to guess George Snuffleufagus.

sinamin says ....

Matt Lauer?

Mags44 says ....

Not Brian Williams??? I love him!

cincinnatikate says...

I do believe its Tiki..and I do believe this solves a blind Item from a few weeks/months ago–about an “anchor” or similar word cheating on his wife..I should go and check but I can’t right now, the workload on Mondays really intereres with my gossip hunting, ugh.

Christine says ....

No, it’s too late for this to be Tiki. Page Six already announced their split on April 5. Why would they follow up with a blind item a week later?

meme1 says....

Chris Hansen!! l

Scooter says .....

Morely Safer?

Cindy B says .....

The blind doesn’t say “national” broadcaster, so since this is from the NY Post, maybe it’s a local news anchor? I’m a far ways away from NYC so I have no clue

Luc Brooks says ...

Chris Cuomo


Greenwich Roundup Is Going To Guess

News man Tony Savino At The Worlds Greatest Communication Hoax

Or Could It Be WGCH Weatherman Bill Evens ?

Please See:

04/12/10 Stop The Hearst Newspaper Presses Susie Costaregni Is Once Again Getting Her Free Drinks For Plugging Valbella Week After Week After Week

THE DISH - Greenwich Time:

"Scene ... Television personalities Regis and Joy Philbin and Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford were seen last Saturday night having dinner together at Valbella in Riverside last Saturdaynight."

Got Fake news tip?

Or just say that you seen a has been celebrity pumping gas in town?

E-mail Susie Costaregni at thedish2@yahoo.com.

She will print anything you tell her.

Better yet, impress your friends by Susie her that you saw a dead celebrity eating at at Valbella in Riverside last night.


Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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