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Thursday, September 3, 2009

09/03/09 Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson Is Starting To Discover How Wrong He Has Been

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Shame, Shame, Shame On ......

Failed Former Assistant Greenwich Superintendent of Schools John Curtin.
The Very High Paid Curtain Wants To Blame Disabled Students, Because His Instructional Programs Were Not Effective

.....This newspaper's banner headline: "Test scores on the rise."

That tune changed somewhat Wednesday when a state report showed that four Greenwich public schools, or one in four across the district, had failed to meet achievement targets this year under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

That's twice the number of schools that were cited by the state as underperforming last year, even though this year's achievement scores were up nearly across the board, and fewer disadvantaged students missed the proficiency target.....

.....said former Assistant Superintendent of Schools John Curtin, who is now analyzing the scores for the district as a special projects manager. "Even though we improved, we didn't improve uniformly across all student subgroups to the amount we had to. So we still fell short (of the federal standards)."

More often than not, it was students with disabilities who lagged consistently this year....

......Paige Davis, whose daughter received special-education services, believes disabled students would be able to hit the federal target if they get the proper instruction.

She believes more needs to be done to fine-tune the special-education curriculum at school as well as train teachers to address each student's unique learning needs.

"If you apply the appropriate programs in the special education setting, they should be able to perform better on these tests," she said. "If we do right by these kids, it will make a difference."

There are 963 students in the district receiving special-education services this year, or roughly 11 percent of the overall student population.......


Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson Did Not Report That Failed Former Assistant Greenwich Superintendent of Schools John Curtin Had Been In Charge Of Curriculum And Testing.
Failed Greenwich School Administrators Like Former Assistant Superintendent Of Schools John Curtin Want To Blame Disabled Students For His Failure To Provide Appropriate And Effective Programs.

This Is The Failure Of Very High Paid School Administrators And Disabled Students Should Not Be Blamed For Administrative Short Comings.
Greenwich Superintendent of Schools Sidney Freund Should Say, "The Buck Stops Here. Greenwich School Administrators Have Failed These Children In The Past, But Now That I Am Here Things Are Going To Change."
These Children Did Not Fail, They Busted Their Tails And Did Their Best On These Tests.
It Was Very High Paid Aministrators Like Betty Sternberg And John Curtin Who Failed These Children.




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