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Monday, February 9, 2009

2/9/09 Breaking Greenwich News At The Conneticut Post

The Big Spender Sequence from Sweet Charity
Is Played For Christopher Shays'
Ex-Campgain Manager Michael Sohn
Mike, this is one of the best dance sequences
from one of the greatest choreographers of all time, Bob Fosse

HEY BIG SPENDER: The campaign documents claim that Ex-Christopher Shays Campaign Manager Sohn took about: $83,000 in campaign checks written to himself; $70,000 through more than 100 ATM withdrawals; $16,000 in payroll; $11,000 in Verizon charges; and $11,000 in other unapproved spending, including a ticket to a Red Sox baseball game.

Michael Sohn has been a focus of a criminal investigation into the disappearance of the funds.

Sohn was subpoenaed last month by a grand jury investigating the missing campaign money.

Shays claims ex-campaign manager embezzled $190000
Connecticut Post

By Peter Urban

Posted: 02/09/2009 08:37:01 PM EST

WASHINGTON - In documents expected to be filed Monday night with the Federal Election Commission, former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays was to detail nearly $190,000 in misappropriated funds that he has accused his former campaign manager of embezzling.

The 11 amended reports cover the 2008 campaign and offer new details into allegations that Michael Sohn of Fairfield took the funds from Shays' campaign over the last two years.....

Sohn has been a focus of a criminal investigation into the disappearance of the funds. He was subpoenaed last month by a grand jury investigating the missing money. ...

....Shays, who raised nearly $3.7 million in the 2008 election cycle, will face a somewhat daunting task of raising an additional $200,000 under the same campaign finance restrictions he faced during the campaign. He cannot raise additional funds from many supporters, who had already contributed the maximum allowed.

Fox estimated that hundreds of man-hours of work have gone into reviewing financial documents so amended reports could be prepared for the FEC. "Our goal is to be totally compliant and responsive to their needs," he said.


12:41 AM


What The Heck Is Going On At Hearst Newspapers ?????

Peter Urban, who is the Washington Correspondent at Connecticut Post (View full profile), has had is news story about Chris Shay's estranged campaign manager pulled down at the Connecticut Post , the Greenwich Time , NewsTimes.com and the Stamford Advocate.

Was there some inaccuracies or libelous material in the story about former Shays campaign manager Michael Sohn?

Why was the story pulled down soon after it was put up in all the Hearst Newspapers?

At The Greenwich Time The Urban Article Has Been Replaced By An Article From Greenwich Time Reporter Niel Vidgor, but the other Hearst newspapers have nothing on the Chris Shays / Michael Shon story, so far.

Greenwich Time

By Neil Vigdor

Posted: 02/09/2009 10:42:43 PM EST

....Alex V. Hernandez, the Bridgeport lawyer for Sohn, a Fairfield resident, declined to address specific allegations regarding the unauthorized charges.

"It would be inappropriate for me or anyone else to comment at this time regarding this sensitive matter which is presently under investigation," Hernandez said. "The Shays campaign has not shared any information regarding this matter with me or my client. We look forward to receiving and reviewing any available information and responding in the appropriate forum at the appropriate time.".....

...."He's gotten tremendous support and involvement already from the members of his financial committee and close supporters of his campaign who have expressed their willingess to do whatever they can to "¦ honor his 21 years of service in Congress and to help him complete this final election cycle with the same honor and dignity that he conducted the prior campaign," said Michael Fox, a former Shays aide and member of the congressman's finance committee during the most recent campaign..

But Don't Cry For Chris, Because Dick "Mega Bucks" Blumenthal Is Going To Help Save The Day For Shays.....

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat who lives in Greenwich in Shays' old district, said he would consider donating to help the former congressman.

"It's every candidate's worst nightmare to face this very unfortuante situation after such a distinguished and productive congressional career," Blumenthal said.

For More Background Information Please See:

Dec 10, 2008

... The AP is reporting that Michael Sohn, Chris Shays’ campaign manager for the last several elections is the target of suspicions that money ...

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