While most of Walter Noel's clients are left penniless trying to find ways to put food on their table, some members of the Noel family are still living like its still 2006.

Marisa Noel Brown, daughter of disgraced hedge funder Walter Noel, was enjoying a lavish evening of entertainment at her Greenwich, Connecticut home.

According to sources who were at the party Saturday night, about 50 close friends of the Brown's sipped on what some called the most expensive champagne in the world, Perrier-Jouet, which was sold to about 100 people around the world last year for close to $7,000 a bottle.

Another source at the party said that Walter and his wife Monica were also at the party laughing and having a good old time.

"How can these people celebrate when most of the old man's clients lost everything," you ask.

I do not know, maybe they are using it all up before they lose it all like most of us.


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