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Monday, July 28, 2008

07/28/08 Parential Insiders Say: Greenwich BOE Going To Temporarily Disperse Western Greenwich School Children All Over Town

BOE Is Leaning Towards Western Greenwich Children
May Be Dispersed All Over Town

Here Is The Latest Information Parental Insiders Have On What The Board Of Education Plans For Glenville And Hamilton Avenue Schools....

All of this only comes into play IF the Ham Ave building is not completed on time.

There is talk of waiting for two weeks after the start of school to see if it will be done, if not the following looks to be the plan they are going to go with....

Apparently the Board of Education is going to give the go-ahead to knock down Glenville school due to all the political pressure they have received, in addition to the demands from Hamilton Avenue families that if they are sent to Glenville then they want it independently tested.

The Board Of Education apparently does not want to test Glenville for fear of additional lawsuits by parents for exposure to mold and other toxins and problems with abatement issues when they do knock it down.

That means one of two things...

Glenville goes to the modulars and Ham Ave is dispersed
Ham Ave returns to the modulars minus the Pre-K
and Glenville is dispersed.

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