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Monday, May 5, 2008

05/05/08 - Comments About Greenwich Schools Banning Boy Scouts Recruiting

Boy Scout Decision Causes Some Noise

Please see:

05/04/08 - Shame On Sternberg - "It's been going on for 70 years. What's changed?" Selectman Peter Crumbine said.

holy cow says

what do you consider "actual classwork"?......civics figure in there, at all?.....how to be a good citizen?.....how to disagree in a CIVIL manner?.....how in the world do you consider just an intro to boy scouts a waste of time?....maybe if there were more boy scouts and girls scouts, there'd be less of a need for them "birthin' classes" that he nea loves to call "educational"!!!

half agree says

Do the Girl Scouts have open access, or have they been limited to after school?

ymz says

Tthe Supt. realizes that Boy Scouts ofAmerica, as an oranization, will not hold harmless. Consider the ramifications of that for the district and the taxpaying community. BSA will have to do what every other organization does and make after school arrangements. Who sponsors those local packs? Do their officers know that they are not held harmless in the event of a problem, accident etc? Hopefully those officers have backgrounded and checked driver licenses, insurance, driving records etc. of all the adults who'll be driving the kids anywhere.

Doors of Perception says

The Boy Scouts of America are a moral backbone of this country. While liberals with their limp-wristed mentality continue to try to condemn them & what they stand for, they quietly continue in the face of idiocy & forge ahead to help produce a positive moral fiber for the male youth of this country, as I'm sure the the Girl Scouts also try to do with the female gender. Equality for all is necessary,

Senior Boy Scout says

Hurrah to the First Selectman, he is seeing clearly

holy cow says

Good Lord!!.....you mean to tell me that every minute of every class day is spent on teaching reading, writing,'rithmatic, science and math?......how about art?, music?, sex ed?.....shouldn't those be "alternatives" offered AFTER school?......let's call a spade a spade....this jamoke of a superintendent is trying to curtail the boys scouts because of their stance on same-sexers!.....if yer going to "ban" them, let's have the courage to call it what it is....before you know it, they'll want prayer, or even a few seconds of private, personal meditation in schools.....or the pledge of allegiance!!!!....and we all know the horrors of prayer and the pledge.....wait a minute!.....once those two elements were eliminated from public schools, haven't our schools (and society) been in a steady decline to where we have after-school "gay" clubs and 15-year old disney icons being photographed inappropriately?....so be careful greenwich!!!....wouldn't want those boy scout ethics of honesty, courtesy, service to the community and loyalty being spread to the youth of your great town!

MAG in NM (Newington, CT) says

f no other private club has such access, then neither should the Boy Scouts (my brothers were Scouts, and my father was a Scout Master, before anyone tells me I don't know anything about them). If one such group gets it, they'll all want it, and the kids won't have time for actual class work.

And, yes, the Boy Scouts are a private club. They've claimed that themselves to permit them to discriminate against certain groups they don't want in their membership.

This is only making all groups play by the same rules. It's an end to the unfair favoritism that has existed for decades. If you don't like that, try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a girl in that class who has to listen to that pep talk about an organization she can't join.

Nutmegger says

The boy scouts are a homophobic cult. They should be banned totally never mind just from the schools.

what did you expect says

This is what you get for hiring a liberal to run a school system.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Also keep in mind says

Boy Scouts of America is considered a "Christian" organization.
I think the superintendant is doing the right thing. She didn't bar them from presenting...just from doing it during class time. At least she is treating BSA liket any other community group and not offering preferencial treatment.

Alison says

The Girl Scouts do not recruit during school hours. Recruiting occurs during open house. We are allowed to have flyers available at the school, not posted but are given to the school administrators. The decsion is a sound one, and should not be questioned.

Bruce Funston says

Time for a Greenwich Boy Scout Meeting in front of Ms Sternbergs' house. Look at the large number of Eagle Scouts in town, a lot working for the town.

BigO says

Until the BSA changes its policy of discrimination against gays and atheists they should be barred from public schools altogether.

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