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Friday, March 28, 2008

03/28/08 - MABS - Mad Mothers Against Betty Sternberg

Some People Think MABS is United States Marine Corp Aviation Unit. But In Greenwich It Stands For Mother's Against Betty Sternberg.

You Don't Spit In The Wind. You Don't Pull The Mask Off The Ole Long Ranger And You Don't Mess Around With Donna Ortoli's Children.


"As parents, we need to know what our kids are exposed to," said Donna Ortoli who called on district officials to let parents hire a certified industrial hygienist to conduct their own studies of the mold problem. "You can make this easy, or you can make this hard.

Story: Seniors reject using civic center for students (Click Here For Full Story)

By Hoa Nguyen
Staff Writer

Glenville School parents, such as Paul Curtis, said he and his children also contributed to the rebuilding costs and so they deserved to draw some benefit from it....

...While a couple of speakers broached the topic of Glenville School's fate given plans to move the students to a temporary home this fall and begin reconstructing the 1970 school, the subject at the top of most parents' minds last night was Hamilton Avenue School.

Many of those parents had attended a special meeting the Board of Education held Wednesday night specifically to address their concerns, and last night they were back with more questions and criticism.

Many said they were suspicious that school officials weren't telling them everything about the health risks their children faced from the mold that forced the school to be evacuated several weeks ago....

...Officials said they will allow experts to talk to their experts but that they won't allow a third-party to get onto the premise because they are still conducting their own investigation into what caused the mold....

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