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Friday, December 5, 2008

12/05/08 SHAZAM !!!!!! Greenwich Roundup Sets A New Daily Web Traffic Record !!!!!!

Greenwich Roundup has broken nearly all of the rules

and we are a huge success in Greenwich

There Is Nothing Like Google Analytics To Excite You

Or Send You Into Depression First Thing In The Morning.

Thanksgiving Week Every Single Day Was Wirse Than The Day Before Here At Greenwich Roundup.

November 24th 1,036 Unique Visitors

November 25th 780 Unique Visitors

November 26th 583 Unique Visitors

November 27th 360 Unique Visitors

November 28th 428 Unique Visitors

November 29th 355 Unique Visitors

November 30th 474 Unique Visitors

But Today I logged In To My Analytics And Nearly Fell Out Of My Seat.



Please exuce me for a minute, while I dance and shadow box around the roon screeming dumbd things like,"Yeah Baby !!!!" and "Whose Your Daddy !!!!"

Now granted this does not beat Greenwich's ALL TIME WEB STAT record which is held by Chris "I Have Friends At The New York Times" Fountain, but it is a distant second place showing.

Well I have to go to my Men's prayer group and the go do some work at the proposed CVS site in Harrison New York. After that I am serving coffee at the Harvest Time Church ladies Christmas party. So the blog posts will be a little late to day.

But I did interview the Greenwich town clerk in person and a YMCA spokeswowman over the phone and I have some interesting information and some modifications to previous Greenwich Roundup postings.

Plus I have an interesting report about what Al Morrielli said about Frank Mazza and contractor change orders, as well as, a bunch of intersting information about the next town budget and the controls that are being put in place.

And there are going to be new processes and new fees for the town ferry and beaches. Plus two weekend parking enforcement officers are going to be hired during the so-called hiring freeze.

I will blog to you later.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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