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Saturday, March 29, 2008

03/29/08 - Reader Contributed Content: An Open Letter To The Community - 63 cents

Dear Greenwich Residents,

Last week, Chris Shays returned from his 20th trip to Iraq. And just like after his 6th trip in 2004, and his 11th trip in 2006, he once again said the "progress" he saw meant it was too soon to bring our troops home - over 900 of whom have been killed since the surge began. Meanwhile, the economic problems we face here at home because of the disastrous fiscal policies of George Bush and Chris Shays continue to grow more and more serious.

After all these long, painful years of supporting failed Bush policies, Chris Shays is still stuck in the past.

The good news is this: you can finally turn the page on the Bush/Shays era:


Please become invested in what Jim Himes doing in this campaign - in repairing the damage that Chris Shays and George Bush have caused, and refocusing our priorities by bringing a stronger progressive majority to Congress.

Here's how you can do it, today.

There are only a few days left before the critical fund raising deadline on Monday - days left for you to show how much you want to see real leadership and meaningful change in Congress.

The Jim Himes campaign has set a goal of 100 new contributors by midnight Monday. Can you help us reach that goal by contributing $20.08 for change in 2008 today? That's only sixty-three cents per week until election day:


There are so many things they want to do in this campaign.

They can put a final and decisive end to the era of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Chris Shays. They can put America back on track to regaining our lost
Together, we can do all of these things. We can finally turn the page on eight years of inaction in the face of the historic corruption and mendacity of the Bush Administration, and towards something new and better.

Contribute $20.08 today for your hopes in 2008, and say it loud and clear - it's time to turn the page:



from a concerned citizen

PS. For only 63 cents a week from now until election day, you can help turn the page on Chris Shays. Contribute before the reporting deadline on Monday night at midnight.


Please send comments and / or postings to


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