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Friday, October 7, 2011

10/07/11 Free Events For Healthy Living from Greenwich Hospital

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October 7, 2011

Media Contacts:

:George Pawlush 203-863-3126

Marcia Simon 860-395-7244

Upcoming Events

All of these events are FREE.

Get details: www.greenwichhospital.org. Click on CALENDAR.

Wednesday, October 12, 7-9pm

Living Downstream: Film and Panel Discussion

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Post-Film Discussion Facilitators: Integrative Medicine Physician Henri Roca, MD, and Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh

Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, PhD, this film is an eloquent and cinematic documentary. It follows Sandra's personal journey, her scientific exploration and is a powerful reminder of the intimate connection between our health and our air, land and water.To register, call 203-863-4277 or 888-305-9253. FREE.

Wednesday, October 26, 6-7pm

Novalis: Radiation With Pinpoint Precision

Bendheim Cancer Center, 77 Lafayette Pl., Greenwich

Speakers: Radiation Oncologist Daniel Chamberlain, MD, and Physicist Domenico Delli Carpini, PhD

Learn how this new technology spares surrounding tissues while treating tumors of the brain, head, neck, lung, spine and prostate. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Tuesday, November 1, 6:30-8pm

Emotional Aspects of Cancer

Hyde Conference Room, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Oncology Chaplain Judy Holding

The emotional impact of cancer can be just as strong as the physical concerns for both the patient and family. This session will help you explore new coping strategies; part of the "I Can Cope" series. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 2, 6:30-8pm

Your Lifestyle Choices Now Can Prevent Diabetes Later

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speakers: Endocrinologist Yi Hao Yu, MD, PhD; Clinical Psychologist Joshua Hrabosky, PsyD; Exercise Physiologist/Registered Dietitian Erica Christ, RD, CDE; Chef/Registered Dietitian Gavin Pritchard, RD, CDE

Learn how "why you eat" is as important as "what you eat," how hormones and sleep habits affect your weight and risk for diabetes, and how "one size does not fit all" when it comes to creating an effective plan you can live with. The "whole-person" approach to diabetes management will be addressed by Greenwich Hospital's Weight Loss and Diabetes Center team. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 2, 12noon-1:30pm

Sugar: Is It Really That Sweet?

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Erica Christ, RD, CDE

What does sugar do to your body? And why do most people crave it? Learn about the connections between sugar, energy, weight and aging. Part of the Women's Health Initiative Lecture Series. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Thursday, November 3, 2-3:30pm

Communicating Effectively With Healthcare Professionals

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Facilitators: Roni Lang, LCSW, and Kristen Brown, LCSW

This workshop, presented by Greenwich Hospital's Center for Healthy Aging, is for people who have a family member with disabilities, including a spouse with a serious illness or a frail older relative. Gain insight on how to effectively communicate with physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals on behalf of a loved one. To register, call 203-877-838-4888. FREE.

Wednesday, November 9, 9-11am

New Treatment Options for Cancer

Greenwich Library, 101 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich


Breast Cancer -Breast Surgeon Barbara Ward, MD

Colon Cancer-Surgeon Bruce Molinelli, MD

Lung Cancer- Thoracic Surgeon Paul Waters, MD

Prostate Cancer- Urologist Jeffrey Ranta, MD

Chemotherapy- Medical Oncologist Dickerman Hollister, MD

Radiation Therapy- Radiation Oncologist Daniel Chamberlain, MD

This event will touch on the latest information about cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment options, and offers a Question-and-Answer session following the presentation.

In recent years, Greenwich Hospital's Cancer Institute has been involved in programs that utilize new medical technology and cancer biology to make early diagnosis of cancer easier, and medical treatments more effective and less debilitating. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 16, 9-10:30am

Your Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

8th Annual Bob Rosum Memorial Lecture

Greenwich Library, Cole Auditorium

101 West Putnam Ave., Greenwich

Speaker: Thomas Moore, PhD

A person's health always involves body, soul and spirit, and these are always intertwined, according to Thomas Moore, PhD. Moore says that ordinary people as well as healthcare professionals should keep this image of the human person in mind at times of illness. Moore will share his thoughts on spiritual well-being, care for the soul, and awareness of how the body manifests the entire experience of the human being. He explains how it might affect the way we build hospitals, treat illnesses and relate to each other. However, this holistic approach requires a difficult shift away from the modern limited view of the person to a much larger and sensitive image of what sickness is and how to respond to it. Registration opens Oct. 24. To register, call 203-863-3627 or 888-357-2409. FREE.

Wednesday, November 16, 7-8:30pm

Osteoporosis: Prevention, Treatment and Management

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Orthopedist, Steven Hindman, MD

Osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and susceptible to breaks, affects over 10 million Americans and contributes to an estimated 1.5 million bone fractures every year. Learn about bone anatomy, keeping bones strong, treatments for osteoporosis, fracture prevention exercises and personal risk factors. To register, call 203-863-3627. FREE.

Thursday, November 17, 6:30-8pm

Reversing Disease Through Healthy Nutrition

Byram Shubert Library, Byram

Speaker: Integrative Medicine Physician Henri Roca, MD

Contrary to popular opinion, many chronic diseases can be reversed or improved through changing your nutritional habits. These changes may need to be highly specific to each individual. Hear about chronic diseases that can be modified with nutritional approaches and tests to identify your unique nutritional needs. Bring your nutritional questions. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Tuesday, November 29, 12noon-1pm

Insights into Lung Cancer

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Paul Waters, MD, Greenwich Hospital Director of Surgical Oncology

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in both men and women. Smoking is the leading risk factor, but not the only one. Learn to recognize potential symptoms of lung cancer, and find out about diagnosis, treatment and ways to stop smoking. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 30, 7-9pm

Medicine in Greenwich:Looking Back and to the Future

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speakers: Cardiologist Kevin Conboy, MD, and Integrative Physician Henri Roca, MD

Take a historical look at the medical institutions that have served Greenwich residents through the years, and gain insight into the evolution of the preventive care and wellness movement. Light refreshments will be served; co-sponsored with the Greenwich Preservation Trust. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 30, 9-11:30am

Safe and Healthy Holidays

900 King Street, Rye Brook, NY

Speakers: Internist Stephen Jones, MD; Assistant Attorney General Gary Brown, Psychologist Joshua Hrabosky, PsyD, Registered Dietitians Erica Christ, RD, and Gavin Pritchard, RD; Addiction Recovery Nurse Jill Bull, RN

From financial health and personal safety to emotional balance and overindulgence in holiday foods and spirits, this session covers the gamut to help you stay on track for a healthy and joyful holiday season. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

About Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Hospital is a 174-bed community hospital serving lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York. It is a major academic affiliate of Yale New Haven School of Medicine and a member of the Yale Health System. Since opening in 1903, Greenwich Hospital has evolved into a progressive medical center and teaching institution representing all medical specialties and offering a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs.

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