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Friday, August 20, 2010

08/20/10 Linda McMahon Press Release About Truth

Linda McMahon For Senate

Brian –

You and I know that Richard Blumenthal has a problem with the truth.

But his campaign hit a new low yesterday. It claimed that Blumenthal's latest "misspeak" was taken out of context.

Here's the background:

In a January MSNBC interview, the Attorney General said, "I've never taken PAC money, and I have rejected all special-interest money."

Our campaign is informing voters that in fact, Richard Blumenthal has accepted half a million PAC dollars in his run for the U.S. Senate.

In response, the Blumenthal campaign said that in the MSNBC interview, he was "talking about the last 20 years."

Is that a credible claim?

Richard Blumenthal was invited onto MSNBC to discuss his Senate run and only his Senate run. Not a single question in the interview was about the past 20 years. He was asked specifically how tough and how expensive he expected the Senate race to be.

Richard Blumenthal said that he had never taken special-interest or PAC money, and he did it in direct response to a question about the financing of his Senate campaign. He misled the audience into believing he was resolved to not accept a penny of special-interest money. He also failed to disclose that he took over $17,000 in PAC money as a candidate for the state legislature.

Richard Blumenthal said "never." And to most people, "never" really means "N-E-V-E-R!"

There is no ambiguity in what Dick Blumenthal said about PAC money on MSNBC. Just as there is no ambiguity in what he said about Vietnam or Vancouver.

Richard Blumenthal just isn't being honest. It's part of a pattern. And this pattern isn't easily explained away.

I'm running to bring real change to Washington. But I won't get there without your help.

We need to tell every Connecticut voter that we won't change Washington if we send career-politician Richard Blumenthal to the Senate.

Thanks for all you are doing to make our campaign victorious in November.

All the best,
Ed Patru
Communications Director

P.S. Connecticut deserves a Senator who puts people above politics. Please forward this message to 5 friends today!

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