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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tom Foley for Governor
Ken Dixon’s Blog-o-rama – August 30, 2010
With this response to Tom Foley’s criticism of Dannel Malloy’s endorsement by big labor, the Malloy campaign has demonstrated the fundamental flaw behind Dannel’s candidacy.
· He is too close to the problem to understand the solution.
· He does not know a conflict of interest when he sees one.
· He cannot bargain effectively on behalf of Connecticut taxpayers if he is already in the pocket of state employee labor unions.
On primary day, Dannel Malloy was on a picket line with members of a healthcare union demonstrating against a group of nursing homes. This as some of the top state employee labor unions helped deliver him a resounding victory over former union favorite Ned Lamont. A few days later, Malloy picked up the endorsement of the state AFL-CIO.
As governor, Dannel Malloy would have to bargain with state employee union leadership on behalf of Connecticut taxpayers. But how can he do so effectively if he owes his political success to that same group?
Mayor Malloy’s dismissive response to this question only serves to prove that he is so close to the unions he cannot see the inherent conflict of interest their support of his campaign has created.
The question still remains:
What promise did Dannel Malloy make to win the union endorsement? No cut-backs? No reduction in benefits? No salary freeze? Further job killing mandates on employers? How much will union support for Dan Malloy cost Connecticut’s citizens?


Tom Foley for Governor
Larry J. Lawrence, Treasurer
Approved by Tom Foley

PO Box 1196
Stamford, CT 06904
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