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Monday, October 27, 2008

10/27/08 Reader Submitted Comments About Joy's Strange Remarks About Pisani's Family = Gorgeous- HUH???????

........ About The Gorgeous Pisani Sex Symbols That Ex-Greenwich Time Reporter Joy Haenlein Reported About At Our Greenwich ......

Greenwich Roundup,

What's up with the term GORGEOUS ? Gorgeous daughters? Gorgeous wife? Obviously no one has ever seen these 4 women in ALL OF 25 YEARS if their appearance was so striking that night. Maybe the mere fact that his family showed up was a shocker.

Is Cathy Malloy gorgeous too?

And what if they weren't gorgeous? Since when does a journalist, such as Joy H., put so much emphasis on physical beauty? What was the point?

And where are the pics of these GORGEOUS women?

Anyone who has read Joe Pisani's columns knows he is highly critical of his family, almost to the point of making the reader feel sorry he endures such suffering at the hands of THE FOUR GORGEOUS LADIES. Although, I feel sorry forTHEM. I don't know another writer who mocks his family weekly. When a writer uses his family for his material, and dives into their daily smoking, drinking, father/daughter mayhem, and dating issues.....c'mon?????!!!!!.


Gorgeous and curious
Please See:


What To Heck Was Up With Joy's Odd And "Shocking" Remarks?

Joy Is Supposedly A Trained Writer And Reporter That Carefully Chooses Her Words To Craft A Story.

Yet, Even Joy's "Shocking" Remarks About The Supposedly Gorgeous Pisani Women Did Seem To Fit In To The Joe, Dan And Richard Story About Who Would Be The Next Gubernatorial Candidate.

Joy's Remarks At Our Greenwich Was Sort Of An "aha! moment".

Something Is Not Quite Kosher in Joy's story with the added blurb to reasure the Pisani women.

Joe Pisani's Taxpayer Funded Party With Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy

Really Has Voters Scratching Their Heads.

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