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Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9/09 More Results From Failed Greenwich School Administrators: middle school writing results hit 5 year low.

The Board Of Education Is Still Letting Failed Greenwich School Administrators Are Still Hurting Our Children

PTA Council President Continues To Support The Failed School Administrators "Portfolio" Program That Requires Little Work, Because It Doesn't Require Many Changes In The Schools Weak And Inadequate Curriculum.

Julie Faryniarz Lacks The Understanding To Realize That Board Of education Needs To Set A Policy That Causes School Administrators To Get Back To Basics.

Greenwich Students Need Reading Writing And Arithmetic Not Failed Educratic "Mumbo Jumbo".


"It's important that there's strong a portfolio" program at the middle schools, PTA Council President Julie Faryniarz said. At the same time, "it's unfortunate that it doesn't come out on the CMT."

By Colin Gustafson

The number of high school students proficient in writing is on the rise, but middle-school writing scores have dropped to a five-year low, and the traditional gender gap in writing skills between boys and girls persists.

Those are the findings of public school officials, who presented the findings of their annual "monitoring" report for writing at a Board of Education work session Thursday.

The report assesses third- through eighth-graders' performances on the Connecticut Mastery Test and 10th-graders' results on the Connecticut Academic Achievement Test. Both tests are taken in the spring.

This year, results were cause for concern in some areas, school officials said.

At the session, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Chris Winters said he was frustrated by middle school writing results, which showed the percentage of students scoring at the higher "goal" and "advanced" levels at five-year lows, 77 percent and 33 percent, respectively.......

.....In addition, North Mianus School fared well last year, as the only school in the district to see proficiency levels increase in the math, reading and writing sections of the 2008 CMT.

Also at the work session, school officials raised concerns about the long-standing gender gap in writing proficiency. On the 2008 CAPT, for instance, girls scored 15 percentage points higher on the advanced level than their male peers.

"It's a huge issue, something we need to pay attention to more," said Jennifer Mitchell, program coordinator for reading and language arts.
When Greenwich Roundup Typed....
PTA Council President Julie Faryniarz Should Have Listened
And Taken Immediate Action.....

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