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Thursday, July 31, 2008

07/31/08 Bill Clark At Greenwich Gossip Has Breaking News

Worth Construction Names Betty Sternberg to Board of Directors

Following on the news that the Town of Greenwich will be digging into taxpayers' pockets for yet another six-figure "final final" payment to ensure the untimely completion of the notorious Hamilton Avenue School "building" project, word comes from company management that Betty Sternberg has been named to the Board of Directors of Worth Construction Company, Inc.

In a press release dated today, the Bethel, CT based corporation stated: "Ms. Sternberg has been almost single-handedly responsible for the one of the most lucrative and long-lived contracts in our company's recent history. Her deft lack of oversight of the Hamilton Avenue project, along with her silver-tongued imaginary "progress reports" and numerous glib broken promises to the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting, provide a model for building projects everywhere in how to line a construction company's pockets while still managing to hold on to an extremely high-paying position of trust in the community she so audaciously helped to bilk. We applaud Ms. Sternberg for her brazen ability to mislead so many for so long, and welcome her with open arms to our Board of Directors."

Ms. Sternberg is presently on a paid three-month leave and was unavailable for comment. A spokesperson for the Board of Education said they could not comment because they were "too busy" tabulating by hand the results of the machine-readable survey on Ms. Sternberg's popularity which was completed on June 6. Because of an unexplained failure of the electronic equipment designed to read the Number 2 pencil responses, the results are not expected for at least "several months." One of the questions directly concerned Ms. Sternberg's suitability to remain in office; malicious rumors have been circulating that she was not pleased with the machine's results that were made available privately to her on June 10, and has therefore unplugged it and demanded a manual recount.

We here in Greenwich can all take pride in this new feather in Betty Sternberg's cap, knowing that we made it possible for this well-deserved honor to come her way. She joins a long list of Town administrators who have made a career out of taking us to the cleaners and being rewarded with large monetary settlements cloaked from public scrutiny under secret non-disclosure agreements. While Ms. Sternberg's "retirement" package has not yet been fully worked out, word has it that it will be right up there with former controller Bob Morgan's and Inga "the shoplifter" Boudreau's. Were former Town resident William Marcy "Boss" Tweed still alive today, he would be pleased to see that little has changed in Greenwich over the past 150 years or so.

Well, after all, we do have a reputation to uphold. How nice, dear reader, that we seem to be having no trouble doing so.

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