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Thursday, April 17, 2008

04/17/08 - The Rich And The Super Rich Square Off On The Propper Way To Build A Mansion

Rich Greenwich Citizens Get Ready To Protest

Controversy About Construction In Greenwich - Again
by Cher

Interesting short video clip on cnn.com today concerning the plans for new construction on Simmons Lane.. watch

Teardown Post - http://blog.teardowns.com


A whole lot of flushing going on …
by admin

A businessman wants to do just that in “back country” Greenwich – tear down a massive home and build something unprecedented, even for Greenwich. Read the rest of the article here …
Imitation Of Mink - http://imitationofmink.com/

Comments About When Too Big Is Too Big:

linda says

I predict by the end of the year all these rich people are going to jumping out of there 2nd story Mcmansion's because the economy is going to be so bad,even they won't be able to afford them.

So Mr. Lawyer save your client from making a big financial mistake tell to start stuffing her mattress instead.

Anonymous says

Soul-less gluttony.

When we are looking at global financial collapse, the end of oil and the pending environmental catastrophe, it seems unfathomable to me that this strata of society floats obliviously above the concerns, thought processes and initiatives of us hard working, dedicated Americans that are trying to make the world a better place for our children and grand children.

When I lived in Greenwich, I used to say, "Big House, Big Car, Big A--hole". It was only after years of seeing the decay of values and the sickness of "affluenza", that my husband and I decided to extract our children and look for a healthy place to raise our kids, where what we had didn't matter, but who we were was important. Happy to say we found it here. It's good to breathe again.

Luptan says

The Greenwich Time should do a story that examines the angry neighbors' "modest" homes and see what simple lifestyles they all live. I'm sure their practical dwellings don't look anything like the latest issue of Robb Report.....

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