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Sunday, September 23, 2007

09/23/07 - New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue Schools Have Too Many Minority Students, And Old Greenwichs Will Soon Have Too Many White Students



"All kids should be educated equally regardless of what they look like and where they came from." - Natalie Queen.


As Greenwich considers adding magnet programs they hope will scatter children of different races across the district, some white parents have spoken out against underperforming, non-English speaking students coming to their child's school and taking attention away from their child.

They also have questioned school officials about why students at schools with many underachieving, minority students would get more money for a magnet program compared to their child's school.

Supporters of the Board of Education's task force, which is examining racial imbalance, say that the comments of those parents are actually bigoted remarks veiled in the language of requests to preserve a neighborhood school system the state says is racially segregated.

Natalie Queen, who is set to become the first black woman to be elected to the Board of Education, said that when people oppose opening up their neighborhood schools to other parts of town, it's akin to "structural racism"......

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Publication Date: September 23, 2007

Reporter: Andrew Shaw

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