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Sunday, June 6, 2010

06/06/10 Hamilton Avenue School Parents Have Called Attorney General Dick Blumenthal's Office

The Clowns At The Hamilton Avenue School PTA Have Screwed Up Again

The Greenwich Board Of Education Fails To Act On The Lack Of Transparency At The Ham Ave PTA

Poor Children Are Left Holding The Bag As Hamilton Avenue PTA Members Are Choking On Their Lobsters.

Where Is The Transparency At The Hamilton Avenue PTA?

Parents say that the Hamilton Avenue PTA Took In $59,000 At Harborfest And Not One Penny Is Going To The Children.

Some PTA members say that they lost money on Harbor Fest, While others PTA members say that the group just broke even and had exactly $59,000 in expenses.

Either way some of Greenwich's most needy and vulnerable children don't get a damn dime from Harborfest.

Hamilton Avenue Parents are especially enraged with money being wasted on Fancy Nancy VIP events at Harbor Fest.

Some parents say that one Harborfest VIP event arranged for a special fly over by two planes as Hamilton Avenue insiders imbibed in alcoholic beverages.

How much did this all cost?

How did this help the poor children of Hamilton Avenue School?

Once again the children of Hamilton Avenue are suffering, because of incompetence.

And of coarse the Greenwich Time editor David McCumber is turning a blind eye to the shenanigans that are occurring in one of the poorest and lowest performing schools in the Greenwich public school district.

Hamilton Avenue parents have reached out to Third Rate Greenwich Time Cub Reporter COLIN GUSTAFSON and once have been ignored by the Hearst Newspaper education reporter.

Hamilton Avenue parent's just can't trust the Greenwich Time or Attorney General Dick Blumenthal and they now must complain to the CT State Education Department to find out what happened to the $59,000 that was raised at Harborfest.

Did Bob Macintyre, Hamilton Avenue PTA Vice President of fund raising and event chairman, really spend a year on an event that lost money?

HarborFest started as a carnival, but Macintyre, who has a passion for boating and sailing, wanted to do something even more extravagant.

Over 110 volunteers, signed on to ensure the success of HarborFest -- but Macintyre's extravagances left their children of Hamilton Avenue School with nothing.

Local establishments, including Garden Catering and Longford's Home Made Ice Cream did not participate in Harborfest, with the knowledge that the Hamilton Avenue Children would not be getting one cent from the event.

Maybe, the Delamar Hotel, wich was the "official" hotel for HarborFest should give the Hamilton Avenue Kids a little something for all of those Fancy Nancy rooms that they rented out durring the event.

Maybe, The Board Of Education Should Change The Way That Ham Ave PTA Leaders Are Chosen And Go To A More Open System That Will Bring In New A Bread Of Leaders That Will Put Children First?

Even A Ham Ave Second Grader Understands That Using Funds Meant For Poor Children On VIP Parties Is Just Wrong.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and upset Hamilton Avenue School parents can reach Bob Macintyre on his cell phone at 203-550-0019.

It's Time For Bob "Look At Me I Am A Big Shot" Macintyre To Cut A Check To The Ham Ave PTA For His Fancy Nancy VIP Party That Was Paid For With Funds Meant For Poor Children.

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