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Monday, March 15, 2010

03/15/10 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Where are the crews?

I haven't seen a working utility crew in 2 days.

What is going on?

Name Withheld By Request

They recently fired a lot of DPW workers.
You now have less boots on the ground
The good news is that Greenwich home owners saved 1/10th of 1 percent
in their mill rate by firing those DPW workers.
There are only about 30 some Connecticut Light And Power crews in town.
The remaining DPW works are having to spend a great deal of time
keeping the traffic light batteries charged on the post road.
Governor Jody M Rell needs to get the Connecticut DOT road crews in town now that she has declared a state of emergency.
Can't Governor Rell call in CT National guard troops now that an emergency has been declared?
Oh, wait we forgot?
Were too busy spending a Billion dollars a day fighting two senseless wars and rebuilding the middle east.
It is a shame that we are not spending a Billion dollars a day rebuilding and employing America.

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