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Monday, December 8, 2008

12/08/08 Town Employee Thomas J. Greco Says Town Realizes We Are Not Going To Make Next Years Budget

A looming landscape of budget cuts in Greenwich

Town Hall Insider Tom Grecco Reports That Town Reserves Have All Been Spent Over The Last Year Or So. There Is No More Rainy Day Fund In Greenwich.


"The town has just realized that it is not going to meet next years budget."

"The mill rate will probably be held under 3% next year, because it is an election year. But who knows how high it will go after that if things don't improve."

- Thomas J. Greco,

Greenwich Town Management Employee and RTM Member

Deep cuts loom across the board in the town of Greenwich. They will affect us all.

Connecticut's richest town is cutting back on education for its children, services for those in need, and infrastructure.

Town employee Thomas J. Greco says Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei has ordered a non-salary budget reduction of 10% on the current budget which still has 7 months to go.

Part -time, temporary and seasonal positions have all been cut.

Travel must now be pre-approved by the first selectman's office.

All Over Time must also be pre-approved by the First Selectman's office.

CIP projects are going to be reviewed and possibly delayed by First Selectman Tesei. CIP requests currently exceed requests by 6 - 7 Million according to Greco.

There will be an increase in fees at Parks and recreation. Parking will be charged at Tod's point.

There will be a new process for the town ferry and beaches.No more day passes are going to be sold at the town dock. Parking Meters are going up at Horseneck lane. Plus two new parking enforcement officers will be hired on the weekend.

Greco also says the December First Selectman's meeting Will have even more draconian changes, because building permits have dried up as well as other sources of revenue.
Plus, Greco says the Nathaniel Witherall Board will be taken out of the town budget and set up with a revolving fund in the 2009 - 2010 budget much like the towns public golf coarse is set up. So it will be up to the Nathaniel Witherall Board to determine if the nursing home sinks or swims on it's own. There will be no town subsidy.

The next revaluation of all Greenwich real estate currently being planned for the October 1, 2009 Grand list. The last Greenwich Revaluation was conducted for the October 1, 2005 Grand List.

However, Mr. Greco is most troubled by the fact that pension fund investments have went south.


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