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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

02/27/08 - Greenwich Taxpayers Pay Through The Nose As Administrators Mismanage The Greenwich Public School System

Greenwich Tax Payers Are Repeatedly Being Held Up By Very High Paid Greenwich School Administrators Who Year After Year Deliver Academic Failure.


"Since students need to remain competitive in a new world, we have the opportunity to think outside-of-the-box with this timely re-look," high school PTA co-president Laurie Heiss Grealy said. "We have a chance to evaluate other teaching and assessment models from around the world."


Review to set goals for grads


Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg is launching a comprehensive review of secondary education in Greenwich, to begin with a critical look at what skills and knowledge students should have as key milestones in middle- and high-school careers.

"It's crucial that we agree to that first," Sternberg said.

The review will likely tackle topics such as the Advanced Learning program for top-performing students, start times and the Greenwich High School house system, which Sternberg said is not functioning as intended.

"It doesn't really function as a smaller learning community. It's just an administrative entity," Sternberg said.

The review will be carried out by a committee headed by Sternberg.....

... School start times has long been a topic raised by parents at board meetings who believe their teenagers would function better if they woke up later. Board Chairwoman Nancy Weissler also expects the committee to discuss adding the International Baccalaureate program in upper grades. The program is used at the International School at Dundee.

Weissler said the committee's work has no definitive timeline, although it does coincide with a similar review of secondary education being done by the state right now.

Greenwich's committee can help the board find more effective ways to operate the three middle schools and high school, Weissler said....


Greenwich is long over do for a wake-up call.

Greenwich residents must insists that our local political leaders remedy the cavernous depths of their ignorance regarding local education.

It is time once and for all to reverse the record of the school administration's failure to successfully promote reform in the Greenwich School System.

It is time to put pressure on our local political leaders.

Our local leaders need to start thinking about the questions they must ask and the understandings they must secure if the Greenwich School System is to be salvaged.

The residents of Greenwich need to a embrace a deep and abiding belief in the democratic spirit of public debate as a means to make educational change happen,

To stimulate this debate Greenwich School Administrators need to get out of the way and let Greenwich residents and leaders explore the complexity of the issues, using history, research, commission reports and personal experience to gain fresh insights and perspectives into the problems that the Greenwich schools have and the urgent need for the attention they deserve.

The Schools Belong To The Residents Of Greenwich Not The School Administrators Who Have Repeatedly Failed The Town.

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